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Challenge 8: By 2021, What is the amount of profit required for a Main Board listing?

Are you ready? Set! Go!

By 2020, as one of new listing qualification under Main Board in HKEX, how much amount of the profit attribution to shareholders must reach in the most recent financial year?

A: Be not less than HK$5M

B: Be not less than HK$10M

C: Be not less than HK$15M

D: Be not less than HK$20M

The answer is......

D: Be not less than HK$20M


On 20 May 2021, the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (HKEX) published its Consultation

Conclusions on the Main Board Profit Requirement.1 Following broad opposition to the Consultation Paper’s2 proposal to increase the profit requirement for companies listing on the Main Board by either 150% or 200%, the HKEX will instead raise the aggregate profit requirement over the three-financial year track record period by 60% to HK$80 million from 1 January 2022. The aggregate profit requirement for the first two financial years will be raised to HK$45 million (from HK$30 million) and the profit requirement for the final financial year will be increased to HK$35 million (from HK$20 million). The HKEX will also grant relief from the profit spread within the track record period based on case-specific circumstances rather than the satisfaction of specified conditions as originally proposed.

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