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Challenge 3: What does dpi stand for?

"Beat your little head, your work never go ahead! Beat your little ear, you will not listen clear!"

Listen up people, today is Jingzhe (驚蟄), known as the Awakening of Insects. A correct answer will keep you away from those "little men" and little insects!

What does dpi stand for?

A: Deal Parallel Idea

B: Dub and Paste Items

C: Download Pdf Image

D: Dot Per Inch

The answer is......

D: Dot Per Inch

Dot Per Inch (DPI) refers to a measure of resolution (sharpness) used especially for printed text or images.

The dot pitch determines the absolute limit of the possible dots per inch. However, the displayed resolution of pixel s (picture elements) that is set up for the display is usually not as fine as the dot pitch. The dots per inch for a given picture resolution will differ based on the overall screen size since the same number of pixels are being spread out over a different space. Some users prefer the term "pixels per inch ( ppi )" as a measure of display image sharpness, reserving dpi for use with the print medium.

In printing, dots per inch (dpi) is the usual measure of printed image quality on the paper. The average personal computer printer today provides 300 dpi or 600 dpi. Choosing the higher print quality usually reduces the speed of printing each page.

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